Module 1 Resources

An Introduction to Non-Fatal Strangulation (NFS) in the New Zealand Context

Background reading & viewing

Additional reading

All clinicians 

  • MEDSAC manual chapters on Non-Fatal Strangulation and Family Violence

The following references are all interesting but may have more relevance for one particular group of clinicians than others.
SAAT Services

  • Zilkens RR, Phillips MA, Kelly MC, Mukhtar SA, Semmens JB, Smith DA. Non-fatal strangulation in sexual assault:
    A study of clinical and assault characteristics highlighting the role of intimate partner violence. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 2016;43:1-7

Emergency Department or Urgent Care clinicians  

  • De Boos J. Review article: Non‐fatal strangulation: Hidden injuries, hidden risks. Emergency Medicine Australasia 2019;31:302-8
  • American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) articles:

General Practice clinicians

  • Community HealthPathways pages on Family Violence, Physical Assault, and Strangulation, and Injury Interpretation. (Contact MEDSAC for DHB login information, if required).

Resources mentioned in module

Useful support agencies

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